About Us

CAARE is a grassroots non-profit organization in Durham, North Carolina that promotes a holistic and community approach to health. We provide a wide variety of services that help treat not only the medical roots of chronic diseases, but also the social and human factors that contribute to these health deficits. CAARE seeks to address disparities in health care access, and over the past seventeen years has created a community devoted to helping people make all parts of their lives healthier.

Healing with CAARE, Inc. is a safety net of support for uninsured, under-insured, and low wealth individuals in the Durham and Research Triangle Park areas. The organization has a variety of service components, as well as the Jeanne Hopkins Lucas Education and Wellness Center. CAARE, Inc. provides an oasis of health care for at risk community members who experience health and socioeconomic disparities through community-based supportive services.

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